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Rich soil, deep roots.

At Bluestem Prairie Farm, we grow organic, non-GMO hemp in rich, black, Iowa soil on the farm that has been in our family since 1876. Our crew of friends and family cultivate, harvest and dry our hemp (by hand) to produce the highest quality CBD-rich hemp possible.

Our small farm is enveloped by almost 300 acres of restored native prairie grasses, wildflowers, and waters. From those acres we sourced our name – big bluestem is among the most beautiful of the prairie grasses. We share our farm with abundant bees and butterflies, flocks of songbirds, waterfowl, pheasants, and herds of whitetail deer. Even a bobcat visits once in a while.

As we grow our young business, our mission is to produce amazing hemp while nourishing our soil through sustainable farming methods. We are committed to ethical business practices and community engagement. We are also determined to play as hard as we work!


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