Finding the Right CBD Products


Wondering which CBD products you should try and how much you should take? With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which CBD products you should incorporate into your daily routine, as different products offer different benefits.


For stress, general inflammation, or to improve sleep quality, we recommend our oral products (oral drops, gummies, and soft gels). For occasional joint or muscle pain, try our sports balm or body oil. For ongoing joint and muscle pain, try pairing a topical product with regular use of an edible product.


Most people do not notice the effects of edible CBD/CBDA products right away. It takes 2 to 4 weeks of consistent, daily use before most people feel significant changes. Consistent use is critical – users may not feel any benefits with start-and-stop usage.

Users of topical products will generally start to feel benefits within an hour.


We recommend that you start with a low dosage, especially if you have not used CBD/CBDA products before. Gradually increase your dosage until you obtain the desired effects. Most people find a point where the benefits level off and increasing the dosage does not give additional benefits. Your ideal dosage is the lowest dose that gives you the desired benefits. You can find dosage guidelines online, but the best guideline is to start with a low dose, increase dosage slowly, and pay attention to how your body reacts. Patience and consistency are the key to finding your optimal dose. You may find that your ideal dose increases over time.

ORAL PRODUCTS: There are no established “recommended dosages” for CBD/CBDA products. For oral products, the most common doses are 20-40 mg. per dose, but the optimal dose will be different for everyone. Some people take much less than that; some people take much more. The correct dosage will depend on your body’s sensitivity to CBD/CBDA, your size, and the reason you are using the product.

CBD/CBDa Oil: For first-time users, we recommend a half dropper of oil. This product should be placed under your tongue and left for 30-60 seconds before swallowing for optimal results. For experienced CBD users, one dropper full of oil should be held under the tongue for the same amount of time.

CBD Gummies: One CBD gummy is about 24mg of CBD. If you feel that you are not seeing the desired

CBD Soft Gels: We recommend taking a single soft gel one time a day. If you aren’t seeing the intended results, you can consider taking two or supplementing with other CBD oral products.

If you use our oral products for a month and do not obtain the desired benefits, then consider slowly increasing the serving size, switching to a product with a higher concentration of CBD/CBDA, or trying a different delivery method like switching products or, in cases of localized pain, adding a topical product.

TOPICALS: Apply a light coating of our sports balm or body oil directly to the spots that hurt. Clean the area first, if possible — oil or dirt on the skin will make it harder for the CBD/CBDA to penetrate. Massaging the product into your skin will increase its effectiveness. If you do not feel the effects of a light coating in about an hour, increase the amount of product you use. You need not worry about using too much of our topical products. But, as with anything applied to the skin, we recommend doing a patch test to make sure that you are not sensitive to any ingredient.


PAIN & INFLAMMATION: For general pain and inflammation, we recommend that you take a CBD/CBDA edible product twice per day – once in the morning and once at night.

* It is better to take a lower dose twice a day than to take 1 large dose.

SLEEP: For sleep, a single, higher dose of a CBD/CBDA product will be most effective. Typically, people get the best results from using 20 mg. or more and by taking the dose 1-2 hours before bedtime. We recommend starting with 20 mg. of CBD/CBDA. If that dose does not improve sleep, gradually increase the dosage. There is no established maximum dose, but the higher the dose, the greater the chance you will experience side effects such as an upset stomach.

If localized pain is contributing to sleeplessness, consider combining an edible product with our muscle balm or body oil.

JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN: For joint and muscle pain, you will obtain the best, fastest result by using both an edible product (drops, soft gels, or gummies) and a topical product. Use the oral product twice per day; apply the topical products as often as you like.

ANXIETY: For anxiety, we recommend that you take a dose of an oral CBD/CBDA product first thing in the morning and, if necessary, a second dose around noon. You might also consider taking a dose 30-60 minutes before an anticipated stressful event.

TOPICALS: Use as needed. For continuous relief, re-apply every 2-3 hours.

As with any supplement, you should discuss any concerns with your physician.


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