Our Inaugural Season: September Update


It’s hard to believe it’s already September, but here we are! 

Our autoflower plants, which went in on July 15, will be ready to harvest later this month, soon to be followed by our full-season varieties, which were planted on June 25. 

Prior to harvest, our plants’ THC content has to be tested and approved by the state of Iowa. Should the plants contain more than 0.3% THC, the entire crop must be destroyed. Our autoflower plants will be tested tomorrow, meaning that they must be harvested within the following 30 days. 

Once the plants are harvested, they will be transported to a drying shed, where they will be hung to dry. Eventually, they will be shipped to Oregon, where they will be processed into certified-organic CBD oil. 

This being our inaugural season, we had a few kinks to work out prior to getting our operation started, but we’ve gotten great support from our seed geneticist, Tony Rushford (Rushford Genetics) and his team. 

We’re looking forward to our test tomorrow and getting started with our first harvest!


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